The podcast world is unique. Podcasts can be monetized in multiple ways. They can be sponsored by advertisers, they can generate paid subscriptions, or they can simply be used to sell a business’ product or service. But the value of a podcast in any instance is directly dependent on the number of listeners and downloads. The more downloads, the more sponsors will be interested in advertising their products on the podcast. The more listeners, the more potential customers exposed to a business and its website.

That’s why we created the concept of Channel 511. This is a virtual “channel” where podcasts produced by 511 Media can live. The outside world can visit the Channel 511 family of shows, they can learn about show hosts, their businesses, and their products/services.

But even more important, the Channel 511 family of shows can help each other grow. One show host can be a guest on another show. This creates a “cross-pollination” effect, where listeners of one show are introduced to another show. Those listeners may then subscribe and download the new show. The more shows on Channel 511, the more each individual show benefits. This cross-pollination of podcasts within the 511 Media family presents a unique opportunity for businesses to work together to advance their independent interests.

Likewise, sponsors interested in one podcast are introduced to other podcasts. And 511 Media can help find sponsors and introduce them to right Channel 511 show (or shows) to fit the sponsorship goals.

The impact of this concept is exponential. Channel 511 shows become greater than the sum of their parts, with a unique organic opportunity to grow bigger and faster than they could on their own.

Whether you want to start a show or move your show to Channel 511, contact us to become part of this unique concept.