During each podcast episode Aaron Greene, Founder and College Planning Advisor at College Liftoff, helps students and families reduce the cost of higher education, navigate the application process, and make well-rounded decisions by evaluating the modern metrics of education.

After Aaron Greene’s mother worked hard to send him to a private high school, he vowed to find a way to pay for college on his own. By thinking “outside the box” —and looking at college in a way that no one else did— Aaron did more than that. He graduated from The Ohio State University with a mechanical engineering degree and $40,000 in his pocket.

Since then, Aaron has committed to helping Ohio students do the same as he did —treat college as an investment and get the best deal for their chosen career paths. In 2009, he founded College Liftoff to help families save thousands of dollars in college tuition while securing their students’ best career paths. Through his innovative career planning and funding strategies, Aaron has saved hundreds of families precious time, stress, and money in the midst of our nation’s student loan crisis.