Business Start-up Services

511 Media was founded by entrepreneurs with years of small business experience. Media and marketing services are a necessary part of that experience. But before any business can be marketed, it must start. Typically, it begins with the formation of a company, partnership, LLC, or some other corporate entity.

511 Media can help guide start-ups through the entire process. With the diverse backgrounds of the founders, 511 Media can offer unique insight and advice that business owners and start-up entrepreneurs won’t find elsewhere.

We have the legal knowledge and background to assist with corporate formation and entity selection. We have insight and knowledge of business accounting, and we can provide insight and advice on choosing accountants. And we can generally offer guidance as a small business grows from an idea to a profitable enterprise.

We can help businesses avoid common pitfalls and mistakes. Chances are, someone at 511 Media has faced the same challenges in their own small business past. Whether it’s retail, food service, or professional services, we have been there in our own careers. Let us help grow your business at all levels.