Design, Logo, & Printing Services


Many small business owners have felt the frustration of working with designers who produce what they want, not what the owner wants. The owner describes an idea or some basic concepts, and the designer produces something totally different.

Design is important. And there are parameters that must be followed to optimize the impact on the potential customers and clients. But the design must also fit the personality of the business and the target market.

At 511 Media, we have partnered with designers that find the perfect balance to optimize the design for the best marketing strategies while maintaining the integrity of the business owner’s conceptual input.

Whether we create a complete design from scratch or work with a design in progress, we will work with each individual business to create the perfect logo or images.

Printing, Marketing Materials, & Swag

Once we have landed on the perfect logo and design for a business, 511 Media can assist in virtually all printing needs, from marketing brochures to T-Shirts to coffee mugs.

We understand the need to streamline marketing for the small business.  While many internet resources are available to order marketing products, it’s often confusing and over-complicated. And it can be overwhelming for a small business to work with multiple vendors. We have in-house resources available to print and create virtually any marketing product.