Photography for Business


Website Photos

Virtually all web pages require photography. But most web developers do not offer any photography, refer clients to third party photographers, or (even worse) take their own amateur photos with a smartphone.

Third party photographers are often not engaged or invested in the goals of the business. They may be perfectly capable of taking quality photographs, but that is not enough. The art of photography transcends the technical knowledge of lighting, exposure settings, and the like. Photography must tell a story. It must capture in a single moment a broader narrative of what’s happening. In the context of a business web page, it’s simply not possible to capture the story in a photograph unless the photographer knows and understands what the story is meant to be.

Business owners often take their own pictures, relying on their phone or home cameras for business photography. Even if they can get the technical settings correct, they are not able to “capture” the story. The problem is that they may not even realize that their photos are inadequate. But presented with professional photography, the difference is obvious.

At 511 Media, our in-house professional photographer is involved with the planning, designing, and goal development process. The photography reflects the difference —our web photos tell the story of a business.

Product Photos

Product photography is a specialty of its own. Let our in-house photographer capture the perfect image of your product. Whether in the studio, at a business location, or anywhere else, 511 Media will get the perfect image to display your most valuable resource.

Headshots & Promotional Photos

We can assist with virtually any photography need, from corporate headshots, promotional photos, brochure and media material, or even private free-lance work.

Contact us for a customized package to meet your needs.