Video Production

Website Videos

In the day and age of internet marketing campaigns, businesses demand video content on their websites. The problem is that most businesses do not have a “videographer” in their rolodex. And if they do, the videographer is just that —a person who shows up and shoots videos. They do not participate in content creation, they do not provide business insight, and they do not engage in the big picture goals. They may know how to shoot a video, but it stops at that. And even then, it is likely just a single camera with limited (or no) professional lighting, backdrops, or editing.

511 Media has integrated the camera work with the creative. We will discuss your business needs prior to any video shoot. Our team will engage in the ultimate goal—whether it’s selling a product, a service, or just driving traffic to a website. We believe that a website video —even a simple one— requires creative input from everyone (including the videographer).

And we have the right equipment to complete any website video. A cell phone video has its place at home. But a professional business demands professional equipment and professional videographers.

We can shoot video virtually anywhere —at a business, in our studio, or anywhere else necessary to achieve the business goals.


Video Podcasts

Podcasts are great for marketing, but there’s no reason to limit a podcast to the basic audio platforms. The podcast phenomena is evolving fast, and more and more we see podcasts coupled with video. Soon that will be the norm.

The best podcasters all have a video recording of their shows. It’s not enough simply to record audio. It’s almost expected now that the “big name” podcasters post audio and video of their shows on platforms like YouTube. It won’t be long before video is expected.

This means that podcasters can no longer record just anywhere. It’s not good enough to record a podcast at home on a laptop webcam or a cell phone. The professionals have studios with cameras, backdrops, and props appropriate for video content.

At 511 Media, we are ahead of the game. We can shoot video and record multiple podcast hosts, guests, or participants in single or multi-camera set-ups. Each person can have their own dedicated camera, along with a wide angle showing the entire podcast table. We can then provide multi-camera editing to enhance the podcast viewing experience.

It’s not always necessary to record every podcast on video. Certain shows may demand or benefit from video more than others. Whether it’s a special guest, a product showcase, or an important topic, we can customize your podcast video experience.

Video Interview Set

Local networks offer businesses various advertising options. Most networks sell businesses a “video interview package,” where the business spokesperson appears on a show with a local network host. The host interviews the individual about their business, product, or service. The show is then broadcast on the network (typically mid-day). The idea is that the business gets exposure on the air and can leave with a completed video, utilizing the production capabilities of the network studio.

While this once may have been an attractive option for a business, there were significant limitations. First, the segments are limited in duration. At best, the interview lasts only a few minutes. It is difficult to deliver a strong, complete message in such a short segment. Second, the segments are coupled with other businesses doing the same thing with the same host in the same show and the message is buried in other irrelevant content. Third, the shows are typically shot one time (maybe even live). There is no opportunity for “second takes.” The business is stuck with the content, good or bad.

511 Media has an alternative. We have an interview set right in our studio. There’s no need to rely on the network to provide the interview set. There’s no need to rely on the network’s staff or host. And there’s no need to limit the length of the interview.

We can provide the opportunity for a few minutes or a full-blown infomercial with shots of products, interviews, testimonials, and whatever else you need to get your message across. Bring your own “host,” or we can provide one for you.

Often the content of the interview shoot can be put to multiple marketing uses, such as website videos, media ads, or YouTube videos. With custom editing options at 511 Media, businesses can use and combine video content from various shoots —from podcasts, product showcases, interviews, etc. We can customize a package to meet virtually any business need.


Client & Customer Testimonials

Businesses have always relied on client and customer testimonials to market their products and services.

The better the testimonial, the greater the impact. In certain settings it might be enough to have a simple written testimonial. But the new millennium demands more. The more media options available, the more people it will reach, and the more marketing impact created.

Other customers will see and engage in these testimonials —on a website, YouTube, or wherever is best for the business. There’s no reason a client testimonial shouldn’t look and sound professional, edited with the right touch to accent the business.

511 Media can capture your client or customer testimonial —either in the 511 Studio, on site at the business location, or anywhere else appropriate. Wherever the location, the result will be a professionally produced product worthy of any marketing platform.

There may be limited opportunity to meet a client or customer for a testimonial. 511 Media will get it right the first time, every time.

Training Videos

The big companies have been relying on training videos for years. But the smaller businesses are either not training or still training in person as time permits. That doesn’t mean that smaller businesses do not need training. The problem is that time and resources are limited. Most small business owners are multi-tasking constantly. They are busy worrying about the day-to-day demands —their product, their service, deadlines, revenue, etc. There simply is no time to sit down with employees and engage in real-time training. Even if they did have the time, there are other constraints. Most small businesses can’t afford to hire professional production companies to produce training videos. And most do not have access to the cameras and equipment necessary to produce a good product on their own.

511 Media can help. Training videos are no longer for the big corporations with big budgets. We can produce quality training videos at a price point geared toward the small business budget.